Does Your Septic System Need Rejuvenating?

flanigan-22315With today’s new technology, septic service providers have more means at their disposal to deal with a malfunctioning or clogged septic system. In many cases, even drain fields can be rejuvenated so homeowners don’t need to a complete replacement or a site for this essential aspect of their septic system. Rejuvenation can increase the longevity of your septic system and ensure that it operates just as you need it to.

Septic System Rejuvenation

Many systems that have clogs or are failing in some way may be eligible for rejuvenation measures rather than system replacement. Your septic service provider can help you determine if your system can be rejuvenated in order to function again both safely and efficiently. Rejuvenation supports existing equipment so that you don’t have to replace it. In some cases, only some materials may need to be replaced. The treatment can add years to the life of your current septic system, allowing you much more time to save for an eventual replacement down the road.

During the rejuvenation process, your septic system technicians will remove elements from the drain field that allow effluence to degrade more quickly. Homeowners will notice more efficiency with their system as soon as rejuvenation is complete.

Rejuvenating the Leach Field

When your technician aerates your leach field, it literally extends its life. Waste can be more quickly purified and released into the field. With its proven technology, rejuvenation techniques can reverse what appears to be a failed system and extend its life for several years. This technique is used throughout North America to extend the life of leach fields and septic systems.

Rejuvenation measures are minimally invasive to the landscape, a concern for some property owners. The techniques used are designed to remove phosphorus, nitrogen, and other pathogens from the leach field that can hold up the process and time it takes for waste materials to degrade. In many cases, even a system that is seems utterly failed can be up and running again in days.

Improving Efficiency

Rejuvenating the leach field improves the overall efficiency of the septic system. In some cases, systems seem to function better than ever. Some home owners are actually able to set aside a portion of their leach field for later use because the rejuvenation has rendered it so efficient. Some systems may function as much as five times their old capacity after rejuvenation is performed. There are variables, however, such as the type of soil existing in your leach field. Your septic tank technician will be able to provide you with specific information about your particular system and how rejuvenation can improve its function.

In many cases, rejuvenation can save a failing or even a failed septic system. Your service provider can assess your septic system to determine if and how rejuvenation measures can add years onto the life of this important system of your home. Rejuvenation is an incredible cost savings and also adds extra value to your current septic system.

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